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Study Trip Tansania 2023

In recent years, many people who are close to the Kaiserswerth Association and the Kaiserswerth Association and the Kaiserswerth General Conference have visited the Sisterhood Ushirika wa Neema (Community of Grace) at the Deaconess Motherhouse in Moshi, Tanzania. It was founded 44 years ago and established with the support of two Augsburg deaconesses, who lived in Moshi for 13 years. Today, the diaconal work, which is carried out by more than 70 deaconesses and can continue to count on the support of the Kaiserswerther network, is one of the flagship projects of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania.

The study trip from 27 October to 9 November 2023 included visits to:

the mother house Ushirika Wa Neema (UWN) and the orphanage Kalali; the sisters' retreat home Marangu; projects led by Sr. Angelika Wohlenberg “Mama Massai” (Flensburg deaconess) - an orphanage and a vocational school in Tengeru near Arusha; the hospital in Nkoaranga; the Irente Rainbow School, an inclusive school for children with disabilities in the Lushoto District (with long-standing contacts to the “Diakonie Stiftung Salem” in Minden); the Irente Farm (a biodiversity reserve with a water park); the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center