Executive committee of the Kaiserswerther Generalkonferenz

President Sr. Terrtu Pohjolainen (middle) with the Vice Presidents Ltd. Sr. Anke Frickmann (left) and Mother Superior Rollaug Waaler.

The executive committee conducts the affairs of the Kaiserswerther Generalkonferenz and is responsible for them. They elect a President and two Vice Presidents from among their members. The executive committee is assisted in its work by the Secretary General.


Members of the executive committee:
Deaconess Terttu Pohjolainen, Finland (President)
Ltd. Sr. Anke Frickmann , Germany / West Conference (Vice President)
Mother Superior Rollaug Waaler, Norway (Vice President)
Marion-Jacques Bergthold, France
Ltd. Sr. Roswitha Buff, Germany Deutschland / South Conference
Chief HR Officer / Mother Superior Dr. Gundula Grießmann, Germany / East Conference
Director Pastor Marek Londzin, Poland
Sister Melinda L. Lando, USA / Canada
Mother Superior Sr. Merete Pelle Poulsen, Danmark
Mother Superior Sr. Vilma Linda Reinar, Brazil
Theol. Chairman Pastor Klaus Riesenbeck, Germany / West Conference
Chapter Provost Jürgen Stobbe, Germany / North Conference
Authorized Signatory Karsten Stüber, Germany / East Conference
Chairman Pastor Dr. Rainer Wettreck, Austria
Pastor Christa Schrauf (General Secretary)