Executive committee of the Kaiserswerther Generalkonferenz

The executive committee conducts the affairs of the Kaiserswerther Generalkonferenz and is responsible for them. They elect a President and two Vice Presidents from among their members. The executive committee is assisted in its work by the Secretary General.


Members of the executive committee:
Marion-Jacques Bergthold, France
Dr. Anne-Maria Karjalainen, Finland
Directing Deaconess Ulrike Kühn, Germany/Southern Conference
Theol. Director Joachim Kretschmar, Germany/Northern Conference
Directing Deaconess Rev. Susanne Munzert, Germany/Southern Conference
Sr. Melinda L. Lando, USA/Canada
Director Rev. Marek Londzin, Poland
Directing Sister Merete Pelle Poulsen, Denmark
Ltd. Theologin Ute Riegas-Chaikowski, Germany/Western Conference
Dr. Elfi Runkel, Germany/Norther Conference
Karsten Stüber, Germany/Eastern Conference
Directing Sister Rollaug Waaler, Norway
Rector Rev. Dr. Rainer Wettreck, Austria
Rev. Christa Schrauf (Secretary General)