Bergen – Stiftelsen Diakonova Haraldsplass

Haraldsplass Diaconal Foundation was founded in 1918 in Bergen, Norway. We are running two hospitals, one somatic and one psychiatric. In 2015 we merged our University College with 3 other universities and became the second biggest private Specialized University in Norway for 4,000 students and about 400 employees. Most of them are studying health related subjects, either in bachelor, master or PhD programs.

In 1987 we started an institution for Child Welfare and in 2015 we were asked to set the board for an Elderly Home Care institution. We do also have a Counseling Center and a guesthouse. All together about 1400 staff are employed at Haraldsplass Diaconal Foundation.

There are still many deaconesses educated from our foundation, about 70, all together. Eight of them are educated in a different way than the older deaconesses were but they are still deaconesses. The deaconesses are spread all over the country, but still around 40 live around Bergen city. Some of these deaconesses and other members of the Diaconal Fellowship gather together several times per month in both a spiritual and intellectual way.

In 2018 we are celebrating 100 years anniversary, and we are thankful to God for the ministry He has given us. May we always be aware of other people in need and help them as much as we can.

In 2024 a merger took place with Diakonova foundation from Oslo to form Diakonova Haraldsplass foundation.

Bergen – Stiftelsen Diakonova Haraldsplass

Ulriksdal 8
5009 Bergen

+47 55 97 96-00
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