Frederiksberg – Den danske Diakonissestiftelsen

In 1866, LouisFrederiksberg – Den danske Diakonissestiftelsene, Queen of Denmark at the time, founded the Diakonissestiftelse, which began with a small hospital and housing for deaconesses. The inauguration at its current location in Frederiksberg, a district of Copenhagen, took place in 1876. The Crown remains the patron of the foundation until today and therefore Queen Margarethe II of Denmark participated in the celebrations for the 150th anniversary in 2013.

The Diakonissestiftelse is one of the leading social enterprises in Denmark and operates homes and apartments for old people, kindergartens, a hospice and a large nursing school. Almost 500 employees and hundreds of volunteers work in the various fields of duties of the foundation.

Since 2013, extensive work is done on the premises of the foundation within the scope of the Strategy 2020, with the goal of further developing the work of the Diakonissestiftelse for the future.

Frederiksberg – Den danske Diakonissestiftelsen

Peter Bangs Vej 1D
DK 2000 Frederiksberg

+45/ 38 38 41-10
+45/ 38 87 14 93
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