Hellerup near Copenhagen – St. Lukas Stiftelsen

In the year 1900 the Saint Luke’s Foundation was consolidated as a deaconess community working in the Church’s tradition of caring for those, who are weak or ill, the grieving, the lonely and the perplexed - the keywords being quality of life and the dignity of man - when caring for one another.

Based on the diaconal values the Saint Luke’s Foundation is a modern working place with 350 top professional employees and a large number of volunteers - maintaining several institutions including: Saint Luke’s Hospice for adults, a Hospice home-care unit, Lukashuset – the first children’s Hospice in Denmark, Lindely – old people’s home, Lundegaard day care center for children from 0 – 6 years, a women’s refuge for young women with bi-cultural background and their children, a Church, a chapel, and a retreat and conference centre Smidstrup Strand.

Lukas Fællesskabet – The Luke Fellowship – is our diaconal community living together on the Foundation premises. The Luke Fellowship is a restructure of the original Deaconess community as we wish to maintain an active community living on the Foundation to embody our diaconal and Christian values around our church. The community consists of families, singles and couples alongside our 15 sisters and the age group is 0-92.

Hellerup near Copenhagen – St. Lukas Stiftelsen

Bernstorffsvej 20
2900 Hellerup b. Kopenhagen

+45 39 45-5200
+45 39 45-5300
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