Ingwiller – Congrégation des Diaconesses du Neuenberg

The work of the deaconesses in Ingwiller in Alsace began in 1877 with a hospital. Gustave Herrmann, the pastor of the town, wanted to do something for the people.

He bought a match factory and remodeled it for people in need. The Congréation des Diaconesses du Neuenberg continuously expanded their fields of work, with the retirement homes Emmaüs and Siméon for instance.

In 2005, the hospital, which had been continuously expanded in the previous years, was handed over to the "Maison du Diaconat de Mulhouse" foundation. Today, about ten deaconesses still live in Ingwiller and care for their community.

Ingwiller – Congrégation des Diaconesses du Neuenberg

38, Rue du Pasteur Herrmann
F 67340 Ingwiller

+33/ 3 88 71 70-00
+33/ 3 88 71 70-05
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