Muan, Jeollanam-Do – Diakonia-Sisterhood in Korea

Diakonia Sisterhood in Korea was founded in May 1980. We are located in Muan, Jeollanam-Do, a southwestern province of South Korea, where we form a non-denominational Christian community of single women who live and work together in the model of the early churches and in the spirit of Diakonia.

We run the retreat center since the year 2001. Since 1998, we continue to run a hospice service for about 60 elderly people and home care programs for the poor in the neighborhood since 1983.

We have also served local teenagers from underprivileged families by providing scholarships and other support for the past 30 years and we have created programs for migrants from other Asian countries and from North Korea.

Muan, Jeollanam-Do – Diakonia-Sisterhood in Korea

204-69, Wangsan-ro, Samhyang-eup Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do
58559 Republic of KOREA
South Korea

+8241/ 561 9803
+8241/ 564-1306
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