Versailles – Communauté des Diaconesses des Reuilly

The Deaconess Community of Reuilly was founded in Paris in 1841 by Caroline Malvesin and Pastor Antoine Vermeil. They were motivated by the idea of re-introducing the monastic life in the reformed church of France to serving care for fellow human beings.

The community initiated a spiritual and social movement which is today carried on by the "Fondation Diaconesses de Reuilly". There are currently forty institutions working in various social areas under the motto "Let us accompany life!". The Prioress of the sisterhood holds the office of the Vice President and one sister is tasked with the field of ethical questions.

Today, the community with its 53 sisters of different nationalities and ecclesiastical backgrounds focuses on practiced unity, in daily liturgy, in the collective life and when receiving guests.

Versailles – Communauté des Diaconesses des Reuilly

10, Rue Porte de Buc
7800 Versailles

+33 1 39 24 18-80
+33 1 39 24 18-86
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