Augsburg – Evangelische Diakonisssenanstalt

The work of the Protestant Deaconess Institution Augsburg began with the Strasbourg Deaconess Julie Hörner, the first Mother Superior, in the year 1855. Mother Superior Pauline Fischer (1873 – 1904) and Inspector Dr. Friedrich Boeckh (1872 – 1912) developed the Deaconess Institution into an important social contact point in Augsburg.

In 1893, 138 deaconesses moved into the newly built Mother House with an attached hospital at Frölichstrasse. The seminar for kindergarten teachers was opened in 1899. It was transferred to the professional academy for social education in 1973. In 1979, two deaconesses were sent to Tanzania to establish a Tanzanian deaconess sisterhood: "Ushi-rika wa Neema" (= community of mercy) in Moshi. The convention center was opened in 1987 and developed into the "Hotel am alten Park" in 2004. A welcoming retreat for retired deaconesses (Feierabendschwestern) was established with the construction of the Feierabendmutterhaus (deaconess retirement home) in 2000. The medical center with an underground parking garage was opened in 2005.

An "oasis in the middle of the city" was created with the new construction of the hospital, "diako – the city clinic in the heart of Augsburg". The hospital for inpatient physicians accommodates the medical specialties internal medicine including cardiology, diabetology, gastroenterology, oncology, hematology, gynecology, urology, surgery, anesthesia and geriatrics. The new diako training center for 450 students of the vocational schools for nursing care, geriatric care and geriatric care assistance and of the professional academy for social education was inaugurated in 2012.

Augsburg – Evangelische Diakonisssenanstalt

Fröhlichstraße 17
86150 Augsburg

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