Moshi – Sisterhood Ushirika wa Neema

The Sisterhood Ushirika wa Neema (community of mercy) was founded in 1979 by the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Tanzania with the support of the Augsburg Mother House.

The sisterhood has about 70 deaconesses, 50 of which live in the convent and 20 at their places of activity, as a manager of a Christian hotel, for instance, as the head of nursing service at a hospital or as a pastor at the retreat center. Farmers, accountants, seamstresses for churches and an electrician are also among the sisters.

But most deaconesses work for children: as teachers at the Montessori seminar and at other schools. They live together with Aids orphans in a children's village and give them a future.

Moshi – Sisterhood Ushirika wa Neema

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Northern Diocese
P.O. BOX 1 Moshi

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