Strasbourg Cedex – Communauté et Ètablissement des Diaconesses

On October 31, 1842, François Härter and six deaconesses founded the first Mother House in Strasbourg. At the beginning was the work with children and sick people. This dual vocation of the deaconesses for the education of the young and care and assistance for the sick and the old remains a defining characteristic until today.

After less than two years, the Mother House, being the first Deaconess Mother House in Alsace and the second in France, moved to its current location where the hospital was located too for a long time. Their fields of work are manifold today. Home and inpatient care, work with senior citizens, a school and a House of Silence in the Vosges mountains are just some of the tasks they have accepted.

Today, the Deaconess Hospital is a part of Rhéna, a hospital on the banks of the Rhine River, which was created by a merger of Protestant, Jewish and Catholic clinics. The deaconesses themselves live and work in the Mother House in Strasbourg and on Hohrod Mountain in the House of Silence.

Strasbourg Cedex – Communauté et Ètablissement des Diaconesses

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67000 Strasbourg Cedex

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