Düsseldorf – Kaiserswerther Diakonie

Kaiserswerther Diakonie, founded in 1836 by Protestant Pastor Theodor Fliedner as the first "Diakonissenanstalt" (deaconess institution), is one of the largest diaconal enterprises in Germany with more than 2,300 employees.

They provide support and services for all stages of life, from birth to the time of training and education, in case of personal and social problems, and finally to the last moments in people's lives.

This includes the Florence Nightingale Hospital with more than 600 beds in eleven special clinics, facilities for care and nursing for old people, care for young adults and disabled people as well as a comprehensive program for training and further education with about 1,700 trainee positions, the Fliedner University of Applied Science, a book store, the Fliedner Culture Foundation with archive, special library and nursing museum, a hotel with a conference center and the Kaiserswerth Sisterhood with 120 members.

Kaiserswerther Diakonie connects diaconal tradition and the provision of modern, social services in a special way. High professional standards in medical, care, training and social sections combine with a modern diaconal self-conception that must be newly reflected all the time.

Düsseldorf – Kaiserswerther Diakonie

Alte Landstr. 179
40489 Düsseldorf

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