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The work of the Adelberdt Deaconess Mother House in Kraschnitz / Silesia began in 1862. The large institution for mental patients and epileptics, founded by Count Adelberdt v.d. Recke von Volmerstein and his wife, became the Silesian Bethel. The Deaconess Mother House grew over the years and in 1923, 365 sisters worked there in hospitals old people's homes and children's homes.

The sisters fled after the Second World War and a new mother house was established in Stendal and later, due to the division of Germany, also in Mettman. The sisterhood was divided for many decades and the sisters worked in hospitals, old people's homes and community stations. The sisters in Western Germany spent their retirement in the Deaconess Mother House in Münster where one deaconess still lives today.

The Bielefeld based Adelberdt Deaconess Foundation is the successor of the Adelberdt-Diakonissen-Mutterhaus Kraschnitz e.V. association and promotes Diakonie in the community based on the Kaiserswerth tradition in Germany and abroad. The foundation also takes care of the sisters from Kraschnitz.

Photo: Sisters at the Mettmann Hospital, from the image archives of the Fliedner Cultural Foundation

Bielefeld – Adelberdt-Diakonissen-Stiftung

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