Bremen – Protestant Deaconess Mother House

In 1867, a donation of 100 Thalers was used to lay the foundation for the association "Ev. Diakonissenanstalt in Bremen" (protestant deaconess institution). The hospital at Nordstrasse was built in 1879/1880. It is located directly at the industrial port of the city and its focus was therefore on services for the dock workers and sailors.

When the entire western part of Bremen was destroyed during a bombing raid in 1944, only the bunker survived, were all patients and nurses had taken refuge at the time.

The institution moved into a new building in 1960 and the hospital was legally separated from the Deaconess Mother House, which by now included a nursing home for the elderly. The focus of activity for the sisters has always been nursing. The sisters worked in many communities in Bremen and Eastern Friesland and in hospitals in Eastern Friesland.

The Deaconess Mother House is a place of composure and mission and of training and further education for the diaconal ministry. Since 2009, this opportunity is increasingly used again with contemporary offers for employees in social and health care services.

Bremen – Protestant Deaconess Mother House

Adelenstraße 67
28239 Bremen

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