Zollikerberg – Diakoniewerk Neumünster Foundation

The Diakonie Neumünster Foundation – Swiss Training Center for Nurses is a long-standing and innovative enterprise for health and social services.

It was established in 1998 with the merger of Stiftung Diakoniewerk Neumünster (founded in 1858) and Stiftung Schweizerische Pflegerinnenschule (founded in 1899). In the fulfillment of its purposes, the foundation is guided by a Christian attitude.
The foundation mainly works in the following fields:

  • They provide emergency medicine and nursing services by operating a hospital.
  • They provide housing, support and long-time care services for elderly people.
  • They are involved in training and further education, mainly in the field of nursing. This also includes developing contemporary forms of spirituality.
  • They are committed to see to the well-being of the deaconesses of the Mother House. They ensure the life of the deaconesses in a material and spiritual way.

Most of the deaconesses of the Zollikerberg community live in retirement. It supports the tasks of the Foundation in their intercessory prayers.

Zollikerberg – Diakoniewerk Neumünster Foundation

Neuweg 16
8125 Zollikerberg

+41 44 397-3111
+41 44 391-3371
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