Schwanau – Protestant Deaconess House Nonnenweier

The Protestant Deaconess House Nonnenweier is an independent institution within the Protestant Church in Baden with different diaconal tasks. It goes back to care for children, which was started by Regine Julie Jolberg, née Zimmern, in Leutesheim in the year 1840. She publicly announced it with her friends in 1844 and it was later moved to Nonnenweier.

The Basis for the Deaconess House she founded was the living faith in Jesus Christ. The guiding rule of all activities grew from listening to the word of God. That was the motivation to fulfill God's purpose, regardless of external conditions and the zeitgeist at the time.

From the self-experienced love of God for us humans grew the strength to care for fellow humans in need. Resulting from this is today's commitment for providing assistance and care for elderly people, looking after guests of the conference center and education for children.

The Deaconess House Nonnenweier remains committed to these roots. It is part of the community of the Kaiserswerther Verband and is a member of The Diaconal Organization of the Protestant Church of Baden.

Schwanau – Protestant Deaconess House Nonnenweier

Ottenheimer Straße 20
77963 Schwanau

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