Lahti – Diakonialaitos

The Lahti Diaconia Foundation was established in Vyborg in 1869 to relieve human distress and was relocated to Lahti in 1940. The Foundation turns 150 years old in 2019. The Foundation provides social and health care services by providing sheltered housing and institutional care for elderly people (for example a special nursing home for demented persons).

The foundation also provides home care services for about 400 elderly people every month. We also run our own kindergarten. The educational services (Lahti Diaconia Institute) was corporatized in 2017 and is nowadays part of Diakonia College of Finland.

Lahti Diaconia Foundation is a non-profit enterprise and a significant diaconia operator within Lahti region. Through diaconia we aim to increase participation, activity among citizens and therefore increase wellfare in our region.

Lahti – Diakonialaitos

Vuorikatu 4
15110 Lahti

+358 38 13-211
+358 38 13-2211
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