Kassel – Kurhessisches Diakonissenhaus

The Kurhessische Diakonissenhaus Kassel was founded in 1864 as Evangelisches Diakonissenhaus zu Treysa. In 1883, the Deaconess House moved to Kassel-Wehlheiden where it grew rapidly. Soon, the deaconesses not only worked in Kassel, but also in the church communities of Hessia and in Africa.

Today, the Foundation Kurhessisches Diakonissenhaus Kassel includes:

the youth welfare services with a home for children and young adults as well as three day care centers for infants, kindergarten and school children.

In terms of geriatric care, people in need can choose between the care retirement home Haus Salem, the Marie-Behre center for geriatric care and several houses with assisted living.

The Diakonie-Zentrum für Schädel-Hirn-Verletzte Nordhessen (ZeHN – center for people with traumatic brain injury), a Stage F residential and care facility, was opened in 2012.

Christian tradition is the basis for the third field of work: The Deaconess Mother House with its church as a place for conferences, guests and religious services is the center of spiritual life.

The foundation is also a partner of the Agaplesion Diakonie Kliniken Kassel.

Photo: Paavo Blåfield

Kassel – Kurhessisches Diakonissenhaus

Goethestraße 85
34119 Kassel

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