Rotenburg/Wümme – Ev.-Luth. Diakonissen-Mutterhaus Rotenburg e.V.

The Evangelical Lutheran Deaconess Mother House Rotenburg/Wümme e.V. was founded by Elise Averdieck in Hamburg in 1860. In 1906, after a dispute between the deaconesses and the consistory of the Mother House about the questions of the so-called "private care", but also about the theological orientation, almost all deaconesses under the leadership of their Mother Superior Helene Hartmeyer left the Mother House in Hamburg and settled in Rotenburg/Wümme, about 70 kilometers from Hamburg.

At the time of the 100th anniversary of the Mother House in Rotenburg in the year 2006, it had evolved into one of the largest diaconal institutions in northern Germany, with far more than 2,000 employees. Most prominent was the Diakoniekrankenhaus, a maximum care hospital with about 800 beds.

In 2012, after a transition of the individual fields of work into independent companies (GmbH), the institution merged with the AGAPLESION gAG, a non-profit (diaconal) stock corporation in Frankfurt. Since then, the Mother House itself is the owner of the real properties and of the educational institutions in the field of social education.

Rotenburg/Wümme – Ev.-Luth. Diakonissen-Mutterhaus Rotenburg e.V.

Elise-Averdieck-Str. 17
27356 Rotenburg/Wümme

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