Ludwigslust – Stift Bethlehem

Stift Bethlehem was founded by Helene von Bülow in 1851 as a hospital for children. With the support of the Johanniterorden (Order of St. John), it quickly grew into one of the largest diaconal institutions in Mecklenburg.

Today, the foundation is the sponsor for several facilities for inpatient geriatric care and for extensive outpatient and inpatient care for people with mental illnesses. For more than 100 years, the foundation also owns a parament workshop and a bakery for wafers.

In 2011, the Protestant hospital Stift Bethlehem merged with the District Hospital Hagenow into the Westmecklenburg Klinikum Helene von Bülow GmbH. Sponsors of the hospital company are, at equal parts, Stift Bethlehem and the District of Ludwigslust-Parchim.

Attached to the hospital are an outpatient care service and a center for medical specialists with focus on gynecology and radiology.

The ecclesiastical House of Education of the Nordkirche with the theological seminary, the religious-pedagogical training and further education and the pastoral college has found a home on the premises of the old Mother House.

Ludwigslust – Stift Bethlehem

Bahnhofstr. 20
19288 Ludwigslust

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