Pompaples – Communauté des Diaconesses de Saint-Loup

The Deaconess Institution was founded in 1842 by Pastor Louis Germond in Echallens (Switzerland). Ten years later, the first deaconesses moved in at Saint-Loup. Until today, the community unites women who follow the call of Christ in a life of sisterly fellowship in prayer and service to others. The sisters support and accompany many people; they listen to them and encourage them.

In Saint-Loup, this is lived on "Montagne de prière" – during retreat, in a seminar, a further education session, an accompaniment, when listening to God. The path of prayer and the times of prayer with the sisterhood are also special moments where God speaks and acts.

Our community is a sign of God's presence and love, a place where God's Kingdom is revealed. Prayer times, celebrations, encounters and communal exchange unite us. Three obligations liberate us in our calling: celibate, simplicity and obedience.

We bear the responsibility that Saint-Loup remains a place of compassion and prayer, where the faith is lived in a living and contagious way. In the future, the community with its employees will explore new avenues again and again so the calling of this place is maintained.

Pompaples – Communauté des Diaconesses de Saint-Loup

Route de St-Loup
1318 Pompaples

+41 21 866-5221
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