Stuttgart – Diakonissenmutterhaus der Olgaschwestern in Stuttgart e.V.

The beginnings of the Diakonissenmutterhaus der Olgaschwestern (Deaconess Mother House of the Olga Sisters) go back to the year 1872. At the time, the central leadership of the welfare association in Württemberg and the Sanitätsverein (Red Cross) established the first training course for nursing care at the Heilbronn Hospital. The community quickly evolved under the patronage of Queen Olga of Württemberg.

From 1884 through 1985, the sisterhood established and managed the Karl-Olga Hospital in Stuttgart. Other fields of activities were community nursing care and cooperation in several hospitals in Württemberg. Due to the declining number of deaconesses, the community had to gradually withdraw from these areas.

Today, the Diakonissenmutterhaus der Olgaschwestern operates an outpatient care service and is the sponsor for apartments for senior citizens with service offers in Stuttgart. It is at the same time a co-partner of the Karl-Olga-Krankenhaus GmbH in Stuttgart.

Educational opportunities within the scope of "Bildungswege im Diakonat" (courses of education)

  Basic course Diakonie
Rotation/Duration/Hours in different intervals
External participation not possible
  • What is Diakonie? Diaconal profile and guiding principle
  • History of the Deaconess Mother House
  • Biographies of personalities in the history of Diakonie
  • Individual ethical and theological questions such as dealing with dying persons, illness and question of meaning, living will
Form/Scope Lectures, workshops and discussions
Contact Diaconal principal Stefan Loos, Telephone +49 711 305893-400

Stuttgart – Diakonissenmutterhaus der Olgaschwestern in Stuttgart e.V.

Hackstraße 60
70190 Stuttgart

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