Oldenburg – Oldenburgisches Diakonissenhaus Elisabethstift

The Deaconess House Oldenburg was founded by Pastor Dr. Hans Hubertus Partisch, pastor of the Lambertikirche, on April 1, 1889. Initially, deaconesses from Ludwigslust began the work and the training. But they soon gained the protectorate of Grand Duchess Elisabeth, who also lent her name to the foundation.

Since then, the Oldenburg deaconesses have managed diaconal-social facilities in the entire Oldenburg region and beyond and they have deeply contributed to these facilities and served the people they were entrusted with.
In 1895, the Mother House was located at Philosophenweg 1 (tod

y offices of the High Consistory) and the new Mother House at Philosophenweg 25 was inaugurated in 1981. In 2005, it was refurbished as a care facility with 42 apartments. Several independent diaconal and social institutions have settled in the quarter.

Today, the Mother House is a consolidated combination of Mother House and care facility. The chapel is still a public place of preaching services for the house and town community. The religious community of deaconesses, diaconal sisters and brothers at the Elisabethstift has been existing since 2001.

Oldenburg – Oldenburgisches Diakonissenhaus Elisabethstift

Philosophenweg 25
26121 Oldenburg

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