Dziegielów - Diaconate Zenski "Eben-Ezer"

The mother house in the Polish Dziegielów is part of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland.

Pastor Karol Kulisz saw the destitution of his fellow countrymen in Silesia after World War I and began providing housing and land for farming to some children and old people in 1920. This way, he laid the foundation for Bethesa, a home for old, sick and abandoned people.

Two years later, he made the decision to train deaconesses himself and the diaconate "Eben-Ezer" in Dziegielów was founded in 1923. The first Mother Superior was from Bielsko-Biala and the work was quickly expanded further.

Since the beginning of the diaconate and besides the work with people in need, evangelization and mission has been an important field of work for the sisterhood.

Dziegielów - Diaconate Zenski "Eben-Ezer"

ul. Ks. Karola Kulisza 45
PL 43-445 Dziegielów

+48 33/ 85 297-28
+48 33/ 85 297-82
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