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In 1854, business woman Charlotte Reihlen and Stuttgart Prelate Sixt Karl Kapff were the driving forces behind the founding of the Protestant Deaconess Institution Stuttgart. Inspired by the model of the diaconal work of the Fliedner couple in Kaiserswerth, they offered unmarried women a community in faith, life and ministry as deaconesses providing nursing care for sick and old people.

The Protestant Deaconess Institution Stuttgart

  • offers assisted living and a nursing area on the premises of the Mother House for retired deaconesses and members of the sisterhood,
  • offers opportunities for practical training in nursing care for old people (30), in housekeeping (11) and in health and nursing care (100),
  • is the majority shareholder of "Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart gGmbH",
  • maintains a number of religious, cultural and professional educational opportunities open to everyone at the Mother House and its institutions.



Educational opportunities within the scope of "Bildungswege im Diakonat" (courses of education)

  Basic course Diakonie Theological-diaconal education
Rotation/Duration/Hours Modular offer for three years / 100 hours annually
External participation possible / costs depending on module possible
Content overview

Mandatory modules:

  • Biographies – stories of faith
  • I am a human being – an image of God?

Optional modules (examples):

  • Course Validation / Dementia
  • Communication at eye level: Caregivers - patients
  • Spiritual exercises in everyday life
  • Bible days

  • Retreats for several days: Letting go, so something new can grow
  • Religious exercises in everyday life or religious living in everyday life
  • One-day events: Liturgical night etc.
Certificate yes / not a requirement for hiring
Other details The basic course is a precondition for acceptance into the community of diaconal sisters and brothers  
Contact Mother Superior Deacon Carmen Treffinger, telephone +49 711 991-4100

Stuttgart – Ev. Diakonissenanstalt

Rosenbergstraße 40
70176 Stuttgart

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