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The Deaconess House to take care of the sick and of people in need was founded on the initiative of Pastor Hermann Faulhaber on February 1, 1886.

A network of community stations was established in the region of Hohenlohe-Franken, where sisters provided nursing care for sick people at their homes. They received their training and found their spiritual home at the Deaconess House. They established a hospital there.

After 1900, the Deaconess House also provided care for people with disabilities and geriatric care was added after 1904. The construction of the hospital high-rise in 1937/1938 was another milestone. There were almost 600 deaconesses at the time.

Today, the Diakonie Hospital is a central care hospital and an academic training hospital of Heidelberg University with 492 beds. The outpatient services include Diakonie at home as a care service in the Church district of Schwäbisch Hall. The geriatric care includes five houses for almost 300 people. The work with disabled people was transferred to a another local diaconal sponsor.

The Sisterhood has evolved into the Gemeinschaft der Haller Schwestern und Brüder (community of sisters and brothers in Hall) with about 1,000 members.


Educational opportunities within the scope of "Bildungswege im Diakonat" (courses of education)

  Deaconess training Theological-diaconal education
Rotation/Duration/Hours 3 years in-service training (2015-2018) / 14 course weeks
  1. Continuous spiritual offers
  2. Info-day for new employees two times per year
  3. One week of biblical-diaconal seminar for nursing care and pediatric nursing care students
Content overview Training as deacon for specialists and executives in nursing care

Liturgical year retreat days, religious exercises in everyday life, monastery days, ...

Offers within the scope of the training and further education of the educational center and the "Gemeinschaft der Haller Schwestern und Brüder"

Contact Chairman of the board Hans-Joachim Lenke, telephone +49 791 753-2000 or Mother Superior Pastor Bärbel Koch-Baisch, telephone +49 791 753-2020

Schwäbisch Hall – Diakoneo Diak Schwäbisch Hall gGmbH

Am Mutterhaus 1
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

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