Korbach – Diakonissenwerk Korbach e.V.

From 1952 until their retirement at the end of the 80s, Deaconesses of the Lutheran Mother House in Guben/Neisse worked in nursing care at the Korbach City Hospital. The supporting association "Diakonissenwerk Korbach e.V." was founded in 1959. The association operated a nursing care school in Korbach until 1971, when the training operations were transferred to the City of Korbach.

A nurse's dormitory was built at Enser Strasse in 1968. In 1996, the foundation was laid for a housing complex for senior citizens, which was sponsored by the City and the Federal State as a social housing project. The 19 apartments for one or two people are accessible for wheelchairs. Elevators and communal space are available.

At the same time, four single family houses were built within the scope of the social housing project. After the completion of the reconstruction works for the nurse's dormitory, three more apartments suitable for old or disabled people were built in 1998, which can be rented without a social housing certificate. The housing complex for senior citizens of the Diakonissenwerk Korbach was inaugurated in June 1998.
In 1993, the Diakonissenwerk Korbach established a consulting center for questions of marriage, family, life and faith. Pastor Paternoster became head of the die psychological consulting center in autumn 2003.

The Community of Christ in Korbach, part of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church, offers periodic religious services and prayer meetings for the inhabitants and friends of the Diakonissenwerk. Several sociable and creative offers support the efforts for a comfortable ambience in the house.

Korbach – Diakonissenwerk Korbach e.V.

Enser Str. 26
34497 Korbach

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