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Diakonie Neuendettelsau was founded as a Deaconess Institution in 1854. The founder was Pastor Wilhelm Löhe. This was the first time, an institution like this was founded in a rural area.

A diaconal center was quickly developed, which was dedicated to the work for people with disabilities, the school and educational system and the work with old people. Neuendettelsau deaconesses also work in many hospitals, in facilities for children or in community care stations all over Bavaria and abroad. In 1872, Neuendettelsau was already the fourth-largest deaconess institution in the German Reich. Institutions of the Diakonie Neuendettelsau were established at other locations too.

In the year 2012, Diakonie Neuendettelsau was one of the largest diaconal institutions in Europe with more than 6,600 employees. More than 2,300 people are supported with services for senior citizens, more than 2,000 people with disabilities use their services, more than 4,000 training positions are available, 900 kindergarten spaces are supported and more than 25,000 patients receive nursing care in the hospitals. Added to this are outpatient care services. The Wilhelm-Löhe Unitversity and the DiaLog Academy are responsible for further education.

With the Deaconess Community and the Diaconal Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Neuendettelsau, there are two active diaconal communities.


Educational opportunities within the scope of "Bildungswege im Diakonat" (courses of education)

  Basic course Diakonie Deacon / Deaconess Training Theological-diaconal education
Rotation/Duration/Hours annually / 15 days in 8 months / 120 hrs. biannually / 4 years in-service training / 1,800 hrs. (=60 ECTS points) annually
External participation possible without limits, about 80 - 100 Euro per day possible without limits, 2,500 Euro per year yes
Qualification 1st stage of deaconess / deacon training no requirement for other diaconal qualifications  
Certificate yes, partially considered for hiring yes, partially considered for hiring  
Content overview
  • History of Diakonie Neuendettelsau
  • Preparation of devotions / The pastoral conversation
  • Introduction into reaching an ethical verdict
  • Origin and structure of the bible
  • Interpretation of biblical texts
  • Blessing, dealing with suffering, guilt and forgiveness
  • God's mercy
  • Spirituality and community
  • I work in a Christian house
  • Diaconal mission in practice
  • Guiding principle of Diakonie Neuendettelsau

and 3 days of optional modules about the topics:

  • Ecumenism / Inter-religious dialog
  • Spiritual topics
  • Christian music
  • Tips for prayer preparation

Module International Diaconic Seminar

  1. Communicating the Gospel
  2. Supporting people in existential questions of life
  3. Acting in organizations of the Church and Diakonie
  4. Social shaping

Formats of the offers: Workshops, one-day events, seminars over several days and one-week offers


  • Basic Bibliog course
  • Spiritual movement and encounter
  • Bible study weeks "Shaping life"
  • Getting to know the orthodox church
  • Telling bible stories with Egli Figures
  • Basic diaconal courses
  • Preparation of devotions
Precondition none none none
Contact Mother Superior Sr. Erna Biewald, telephone +49 9874 8-2271

Neuendettelsau – DIAKONEO KdöR

Wilhelm-Löhe-Str. 16
91564 Neuendettelsau

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