Dessau – Anhaltische Diakonissenanstalt

In 1894, the Anhaltische Diakonissenanstalt (ADA) was founded in Dessau upon request from the Fürstenhaus Anhalt. The initial field of work for the deaconesses was taking care of orphans and elderly ladies. As early as 1897 they operated an infirmary, which formed the basis for their hospital work. This was considerably expanded due to the work in military hospitals during World War I. From these roots grew today's fields of work:

the day-care center of a Protestant elementary school and five other day-care centers for more than 500 children; the "Marienheim" with services for people with dementia and a ward for people with extreme need of care and mandatory artificial respiration for a total of 59 patients. They also operate a residential compound for senior citizens; the "Diakonissenkrankenhaus Dessau" with a clinic for urology, child urology and urological oncology, the clinic for internal medicine and geriatrics, the clinic for anesthesia and intensive therapy and the clinic for surgery including a intestinal center and a center for medical services – they treat far more than 6,000 patients per year.

Since 2003, the hospital is part of the edia.con Group, a merger of hospitals in central Germany where ADA is one of the partners. The hospital also has a nursing care school attached. ADA is also a partner in the Anhaltische Hospiz- und Palliativgesellschaft. Today, the Mother House with all its facilities is spiritually supported by the Diaconal Community of which the Sisterhood of Deaconesses is a part. ADA'S work is directed at all people in the Dessau region under the motto: Serving life – respecting the dignity of man.

Dessau – Anhaltische Diakonissenanstalt

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