Halberstadt – Deaconess Mother House Cecilienstift

The CECILIENSTIFT is a social diaconal enterprise with four fields of activities: facilities for children, geriatric care, care for people with disabilities and the Cochlear-Implant Rehabilitation Center.

The facilities for children include ten day-care centers, integrative day-care centers and centers for schoolchildren (total 540 children) and an early intervention and counseling center for children with disabilities or imminent disabilities.

The geriatric care section includes the social station as an outpatient care service, 46 apartments suitable for old people (with services offered) and a center for senior citizens with 90 full inpatient spaces, four spaces for short-term care and 15 spaces for day-care, where old people suffering from dementia or who are in need of assistance for other reasons are cared for regardless of their nursing care classification.

The section responsible for disabled people provides housing, care and support for about 275 people of all ages with different disabilities in various facilities of different sizes and in several apartments. People with mental, mental-physical disabilities or with sensory and multiple disabilities find a home with us.

At the Cochlear-Implant Rehabilitation Center, patients who had a cochlear implant surgically implanted will receive therapeutical assistance, smoothing their way to (re) learning to hear and speak.

The multifaceted work in all our facilities at 35 locations in Halberstadt, the municipality of Huy and in Wernigerode is currently accomplished by 440 employees, freelancers, trainees, people working within the Federal Volunteer Service and young people doing their Voluntary Year of Social Service.

The diaconal work at the CECILIENSTIFT is supported by two communities, the Sisterhood of Deaconesses and the Diaconal Community.

Halberstadt – Deaconess Mother House Cecilienstift

Am Cecilienstift 1
38820 Halberstadt/Harz

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