Freiburg – Freiburger Diakonissenhaus

The Deaconess House Freiburg was founded in Freiburg-Herden in 1898. It was the basis for the Protestant Diakonie Hospital. At first there were only wards for surgery and internal medicine.

In 1922, the sections for obstetrics, gynecology and radiotherapy were established. In the course of the years, radiology and anesthesia were developed from within the other disciplines.

The nursing care school was established in 1925. Due to a permanent lack of space, the obstetrics / gynecology ward was moved to another building in 1929.

1973 saw the legal separation between the Mother House and the hospital due to new legal financing rules in the hospital sector taking effect. The original Deaconess Hospital became the Protestant Diakonie Hospital. In 1982, the Diakonie Hospital was re-built in the Freiburg district of Landwasser, where it still stands today.

The Mother House was also built in the 1980s. It housed only deaconesses at first, but today, rooms are externally available for rent within the scope of an assisted living project.

Freiburg – Freiburger Diakonissenhaus

Burgunder Straße 5
79104 Freiburg

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