Symposium Topics in the past

The Professional Development Seminars of the Kaiserswerth General Conference

Year City Theme
1992 Heidelberg Diakonia and the European Context
1994 Speyer  Enthusiastic Diakonia
Recognizing Signs – Creating Signs
1996 Lehnin  Community in Diaconal Agencies
1999 Gallneukirchen  On the Margins of Life –
On the Margings of Responsibility?
2002 São Leopoldo  Diakonia in a New Age
2003 Kaiserswerth Working Competently – Living Diaconally
2009 Budapest Between Motherhouse and Diaconal Enterprise
2012 Kaliningrad Diaconal Study Tour in the Kaliningrad Region
2016 Dziegielów Diaconal Study Tour to Poland
2017 New York Health Care in the USA