Budapest – Fébé Evangélikus Diakonissza Egyesület

The history of the Fébé Mother House in Budapest (often referred to as Phoebe) goes back to December 8, 1924, the day the Phoebe Association of Protestant Deaconesses was founded.

Until the association was broken up by the Hungarian government during communist times in 1951, deaconesses and deacons were allowed to operate in Hungary and work as witnesses of the gospel in the church. During the times of "dispersal", the sisters had to look after themselves and only after the cold war had been overcome, they were able to resume their work, but on a considerably smaller scale.

In 1993, the association got their Mother House in Budapest back and twelve deaconesses found a home there again. It was possible to establish a home for people with physical disabilities in one of the buildings that were given back by the Protestant Church. It was also possible to set up a workshop for these people.

The motherhouse was dissolved after the death of the last deaconess in December 2018, a memorial plaque commemorates the diaconal work of the Fébé sisters.

Since October 3, 2021, a civil association of diaconal character, the "Fébé Evangélikus Diakóniai Egyesület", has been formed from the "Fébé Evangélikus Diakonissza Egyesület".

Budapest – Fébé Evangélikus Diakonissza Egyesület

Hüvösvölgyi ùt 193
H-1021 Budapest

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