Hamburg – Ev.-Luth. Diakonissenanstalt Alten Eichen

In 1867, the Deaconess Institution based on the Kaiserswerth tradition was founded by Theodor Fliedner as the first Deaconess Mother House in Schleswig-Holstein in City of Altona (suburbanized into Hamburg in 1938).

The first Provost, Pastor Dr. Theodor Schäfer, who also became known as a theological author and diaconal scientist, developed the facilities of the Deaconess Institution (Mother House, hospital, community care, geriatric care, kindergartens, home for disabled people, socio-pedagogical and artisanal training facilities) on a clear Lutheran basis.

In 1902, the property Alten Eichen in Hamburg-Stellingen was purchased, initially as a subsidiary of Altona, but, after the wartime destruction in 1943, as the center of the re-established Deaconess Institution. The foundation's hospital was merged with two other Protestant hospitals into the new Diakonie-Klinikum Hamburg in 2005.

Today, the Deaconess Institution operates several residential and care facilities for senior citizens, professional schools for social education, day care centers for children and other social facilities within the city region of Hamburg. The spiritual center is the Mother House and the Ascension Church Alten Eichen in Hamburg-Stellingen.


Educational opportunities within the scope of "Bildungswege im Diakonat" (courses of education)

  Theological-diaconal education
Rotation/Duration/Hours 3-4 modules, 4 hours each
Period of time about 1 year
External participation currently not
Precondition employee
Certificate yes
Contact Mother Superior Astrid Kapels

Hamburg – Ev.-Luth. Diakonissenanstalt Alten Eichen

Wördemanns Weg 19-35
22527 Hamburg

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