Berlin – Diakonissenhaus Bethanien Foundation

Since it was founded by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV on October 10, 1847, the Diakonissenhaus Bethanien Foundation operated a Deaconess Mother House in the Kaiserswerth tradition, an emergency hospital, a hospital, a nursing school and a school for nursery school teachers and day care workers. It also provided other services in the community, the Diakonie, old people's homes and children's homes.

In 1970, the former location in Berlin-Kreuzberg was abandoned when the hospital was closed and a residence for deaconesses and former employees of the Church was built in Berlin-Spandau.

By expanding the purpose of the foundation, the foundation provides accommodation for medical personnel in training from other Protestant hospitals and offers the same for senior citizens, but particularly for members of other sisterhoods and former employees of the Church. The foundation pursues exclusively and immediately ecclesiastical, non-profit and charitable purposes in terms of the Section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the Tax Code.

The mother house still has four deaconesses; three of them live in the care retirement house at the Ev. Waldkrankenhaus Spandau.
The foundation is a member of Diakonisches Werk Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz e.V. and of Kaiserswerther Verband deutscher Diakonissen-Mutterhäuser e.V. (Kaiserswerth Association of German Deaconess Mother Houses).

Berlin – Diakonissenhaus Bethanien Foundation

Stadtrandstrasse 55
13589 Berlin

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