Kaiserswerther Generalkonferenz KGK

Kaiserswerth stands for Diakonie – social welfare work. More precisely: for Mother House Diakonie. It stands for the place where this groundbreaking social initiative was founded by Theodor and Friederike Fliedner before the middle of the 19th century.

Generalkonferenz (general conference) stands for network. More precisely: for the network that connects houses and organizations based on the Kaiserswerth model that are committed to providing social welfare work in the community, across the borders of countries and continents.

Kaiserswerther Diakonie as a global movement lives on the ground: in Korea, India, Brazil, Poland ... The service to the community, the deed of love born from faith and the accompanying word of reconciliation, take shape in many ways. They are connected by the mission, the ethical embedding in the Christian foundation of values and the common faith. Diakonie opens perspective, life perspective.


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