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In 1879, the local pastor of Kropp, Johannes Paulsen, began providing diaconal services, for orphans at first, but soon also for people with mental illnesses and mental disabilities. Furthermore, pastors were trained for their service in America in Kropp from 1882 through 1932. Kropp Deaconesses worked in up to 16 hospitals and more than 40 community care stations in Schleswig-Holstein.

Today, the foundation works as a social holding company which provides central diaconal as well as administrative and management functions for its business associates. It is also the sponsor of the Psychiatric Center Kropp, which includes a specialized hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy, an institute outpatient department as well as a gerontopsychiatric day clinic and apartments suitable for senior citizens including service.

In cooperation with the church districts on the east and west coast of Schleswig-Holstein, with the Protestant Foundation Alsterdorf from Hamburg and a communal rural administration, the foundation is responsible for geriatric care services with focus on psychiatric and gerontopsychiatric orientation as wall as integration assistance and psychosocial rehabilitation.


Educational opportunities within the scope of "Bildungswege im Diakonat" (courses of education)

  Theological-diaconal education
Rotation/Duration/Hours two times per year
External participation not possible (mandatory for all new employees)
Topics Diaconal introductory course
Form/Scope 7 x 2 hours per week
Contact Head of the diaconal community, Pastor Claudia Zabel, telephone +49 4624 801-283

Kropp – Diakoniewerk Foundation

Johannesallee 9
24848 Kropp

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