Niesky – Diakonissenanstalt EMMAUS

The Emmaus Deaconess Institution was founded in 1866 in Gnadenfeld in Upper Silesia on the premises of the Herrnhuter Brethren Church. Since 1883, this Protestant social enterprise has been based in Niesky. The hospital was inaugurated in 1900. After the new hospital building was put into commission in 1995, the historical old building was re-modeled into a home for old people.

Today, the EMMAUS Deaconess Institution provide a complete chain of supply to the people of the region: The services offered range from childcare, to possibilities of occupational training, to health care to care for old people and an outpatient hospice service.

The EMMAUS Deaconess Institution fulfils their social responsibility with regard to the education of young adults to a high degree. Geriatric nurses are trained at a training center in Bautzen.

The EMMAUS Deaconess Institution is a member of the Kaiserswerth Association of German Deaconess Mother Houses and of Diakonisches Werk.

Niesky – Diakonissenanstalt EMMAUS

Bautzener Str. 21
02906 Niesky

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